Chillin: South Africa's Custom Ice Bath Specialists

Discover the transformative power of cold therapy with Chillin, your South African source for premium ice baths. Experience the benefits of cold-water immersion with cutting-edge features, including a convenient plug-and-plunge design.

Our customizable solutions, water-saving technology, advanced filtration, and rapid cooling set the standard for optimized recovery, wellness, and value – delivered quickly to your doorstep.


The Chillin Advantage

Proudly South African: Locally crafted for quality and supporting our economy.

Quick Order to Delivery: Get your ice bath fast for minimal downtime and maximum benefits.

Make It Yours: Express your brand or personal style with customized colours and designs on your ice bath's exterior.

Eco-Conscious Recovery: Our innovative seating position reduces water usage compared to traditional ice baths.

Pristine Water, Every Time: Ozone filtration, UV light, and standardized filters guarantee optimal water quality for every session.

Faster Chill, Faster Results: Chill your bath from 15°C to 2°C in just 2 hours for time-efficient cold therapy.

Superior Service & Reliability: Local manufacturing ensures faster access to parts and support.

Competitive Pricing: Enjoy the benefits of high-quality custom ice baths at very competitive prices, outperforming major imported brands.

Local Ingenuity, Global Standards: Our ice baths are designed and built in South Africa to international standards, delivering excellence at South African prices.

User-Centric Design: Experience the difference of an ice bath crafted from the ground-up with your needs and comfort in mind.

Exclusive Chiller Partnership: Our locally sourced, industry-leading chiller units ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

Tech-Forward Options: Enhance your experience with available Wi-Fi connectivity and filtration upgrades.


The Benefits of Cold-Water Exposure

Accelerated Muscle Recovery: Reduce soreness, speed up healing, and bounce back stronger.

Circulation Boost: Improve blood flow for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Build Mental Resilience: Cultivate mental toughness and adaptability.

Fight Inflammation: Potentially reduce chronic inflammation.

Natural Mood Lift: Release endorphins, potentially counteracting stress and improving mood.

Immune System Support: Studies suggest regular cold exposure may enhance immune function.

Deeper Sleep: Enjoy more restorative sleep for complete recovery.

Energy That Lasts: Experience revitalized energy levels after your ice bath sessions.

Ultimate Convenience: The plug-and-plunge all-in-one system allows for quick and effortless setup and operation.

Customization for Your Needs: Choose optional upgrades like Wi-Fi connectivity and saltwater filtration to tailor your ice bath therapy.